About Us

Okuhle Waste Management, is a Cleaning and Recycling Services company which specializes in the removal of both general and electronic recyclable waste. Though the current focus is mainly on the collection and buyback of the following material; Cardboard boxes, plastic, confidential files, cans, office paper and any other waste material that must be disposed of, we also looking at E-waste in the near future. Okuhle Waste Management started operating on the 04/02/2010 and has since created more than 10 sustainable jobs in the recycling business. It is a Trading Company that buys recyclable material from the public, small organizations, businesses and other entities.

Besides recycling Ouhle is also a waste management company dealing with Street cleaning; Removal of illegal dumping; Environmental Waste Management Education & Awareness; Training on waste management, recycling as well health and safety. With the current project contracted by the City of Johannesburg under the Community Upliftiment Program, the company has also managed to employ 121 x street cleaners, 12 x Illegal & alleyways cleaners, 5 x Environmental Education team & 4 x block of prefect as well as 6 x management team. The team’s area of focus is Joubert Park and a portion of Hilbrow (Johannesburg). In partnership with PIKTUP and McDonald SA, Okuhle has also managed to employ 21 street cleaners who have been allocated to clean within the 5meter radius of 6 McDonald outlets, within the Inner City of Johannesburg.


Given the above, it can be confirmed that the initiative of all the above projects is helping communities and groups to create self-employment opportunities and to also help communities put food on the table for their families and this regards the company has helped the community in reducing the following:

Health risk
Short lifespan of Land fills
Pollution (soil and water)
Ignorance on environment by communities
Lack of Knowledge