Okuhle Waste Management Cleaning and Recycling Services work with experts from various field of Recyclable waste and hazardous management. This enables the company to offer the comprehensive services but not limited in the following:

• Feasibility studies on waste management and hazardous service
• Advice on reducing and recycling waste
• Landfill site operation and management
• Waste stream audit

Enterprise Development

Okuhle waste management and hazardous management recycling and services have a close working relationship with small co-operative organisations like:

1. Orlando Ekhaya Cooperative
2. No Waste co-operative

This is important because skills are learned through sharing of information and knowledge.


Naturally, recycling activities and its overall management has a positive impact on the environment. It presents both potential social benefits and a contribution to the national economy. It is important to view it on a long term understanding because of its sustainability and economic development