Environmental Education and Awareness

System abuse resulting in inappropriate waste management practices often arise from a lack of knowledge of what services are available, or how to use the services correctly, To correct this, Okuhle Waste Management Cleaning and Recycling Services has embarked on a product information dissemination through ongoing environmental education and awareness in support of the key operational functions of Recycling, Clearing of Illegal Dumps and street cleaning. To achieve behavior change, the following interventions will be implemented: Workshops, Knock and Drop, Education Awareness in Mass meetings etc.

Okuhle waste is able to educate the public through edutainment, as it has also launched an Environmental Mascot known as “Kuhle”. The Mascot continues to do a tremendous job of going around to schools and communities to educate them on waste environmental issues and the importance of recycling, normally done in private functions and public places including schools. We also conduct education and awareness through door to door, whereby our educators are able to educate communities while their at their homes.