Waste Recovery

Waste recovery is a must do by all of us if we want our economy, health and community to progress. Furthermore, it will help us and government to meet the City of Johannesburg`s Vision 2030.

Recovery Waste

The chart above demonstrate that if all stake holders are involved in recycle management, Okuhle’s aim on diverting large quantities of recyclable waste from overburden landfill to new and reprocessed recycled products will continue to create a win- win solution for all involved.


Even though the company trade in recyclable waste, it has formed strategic partnership with the consultants who are well knowledgeable with regards to the formulation of compost from waste material. This is key in creating business partnerships with organic stores. It is advisable for local municipalities to have a services of Okuhle waste services because not only do the self-employed people benefit by getting cash from bringing recyclable material, but the farming community and local individuals that want to buy the compost can buy it.